Tuesday morning, November 14 at 9:00 am Pacific (U.S. and Canada)

The use of concrete overlays continues to grow across the U.S. About 10% of all new concrete roadways are constructed as concrete overlays. Dive deep into real-world case studies showcasing successful use of overlays in applications over of old asphalt or concrete pavements. Explore concrete overlay design, construction and performance. Gain valuable insights into sustainability benefits, best practices, challenges, and innovative solutions for maintaining and rehabilitating our pavement networks. Join us to expand your knowledge and expertise.

Our panelists for this session:

Dan King, Research Engineer, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
Dulce Rufino Feldman, Senior Transportation Engineer, Caltrans
Jerry Voigt, Square One Pavement Consulting

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Brought to you at no cost, courtesy of the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association and our supporters.