The Southwest Concrete Pavement Association welcomes Guy F. Atkinson Construction as its newest member.

“Guy F. Atkinson Construction has been building our nation’s infrastructure since 1926. Recognized for excellence in constructing highly-engineered and complex projects, we provide sophisticated and innovative heavy civil solutions for clients across the country.

With each project we undertake, exceeding our clients’ expectations is our ultimate goal. Atkinson has built long-lasting relationships with a number of clients. Our record for repeat business is a testament to our ability to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations for quality, cost, and safety.”

Atkinson Construction

SWCPA recently recognized Atkinson’s exemplary work on The Rosamond-Mojave Rehabilitation Project, pictured above, with a 2023 SWCPA Outstanding Achievement in Concrete Paving Award.

Atkinson Construction Award

Ryan Hester, left, and Brian Presti, right, of Guy F. Atkinson Construction, accept the SWCPA 2023 Outstanding Achievement Award from Mark Gudenas, center, SWCPA Communications Director, for their work on the Rosamond-Mojave Rehabilitation Project.

Becoming a member of the SWCPA, Guy F. Atkinson Construction joins the trade organization for the concrete paving industry in California and Nevada. SWCPA members are the contractors who build the concrete highways, roadways, and airports; the materials companies that supply the cement, aggregates, and other materials that go into the concrete and the pavements; the engineering firms that design the roadways, highways, and airports; as well as the testing labs, admix suppliers, and equipment manufacturers who provide essential support to the concrete pavement industry.

“We’re excited about the Atkinson team joining forces with SWCPA on the many concrete pavement initiatives we have underway in California,” says Charles Stuart, Executive Director of the SWCPA. “Atkinson has delivered exceptional concrete highway pavements most recently on SR 14, I-5, SR 91, and I-15. This work boldly represents the value of partnerships, skillful talent, innovation, and the commitment to quality needed for success in our industry.“

SWCPA looks forward to collaborating with Guy F. Atkinson Construction, who joins the noted roster of member companies, which includes Granite Construction, Sully-Miller Contracting Co., Flatiron Construction, Cooper Engineering, Ames Construction, Teichert, Vanguard Construction, Acme Concrete Paving, Southwest Concrete Paving Co., Security Paving Company, Twining, G3 Quality, CalPortland, CEMEX, National Cement, Master Builders Solutions, CTS Cement, RMA Group, American Highway, Mitsubishi Cement Corporation, and the CNCA.

SWCPA is a regional affiliate chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA). SWCPA sees the use of concrete pavement as essential for the future wellbeing of our transportation infrastructure. Great efficiencies – in terms of economic, social, and environmental value – can be gained through the increased use of long-lasting, low-maintenance pavements. SWCPA is committed to improving the concrete pavement industry through a robust education program, advocacy, technical services, and member support. Recently, due to the strong support and guidance of our members, SWCPA has partnered with Caltrans and Nevada DOT to improve concrete pavement project outcomes through research, pilot projects, revisions to the construction standards, and education.