Why Join?

The Southwest Concrete Pavement Association is recognized as the voice of the concrete paving industry in California and Nevada. SWCPA members and professional staff work together with public agencies and private businesses in conceptualization, design, and construction of the concrete pavement projects that bring growth and success to your company.

The SWCPA engages in the following activities to support the associations primary objective of promoting more sustainable, long-life concrete pavements:
Training Workshops and Seminars – We conduct workshops and seminars throughout California for Caltrans, transportation agencies, and our industry.
Advocacy – We advance our industry through collaboration on transportation related policy and legislative issues.
Information/Resources – We communicate and share timely information with you from our national and local concrete pavement partners.
Committees/Task Groups – We provide you access to key opportunities and information that impacts your business.
Professional Networking – We help you build partnerships and network with like-minded professionals to strengthen your career and industry positions.
Research Support – We provide industry resources as needed to help innovate our industry through research and pilot projects.

Make a Difference

By joining the SWCPA you will increase the collective power of the concrete pavement industry. There is a lot of truth to the saying “strength in numbers.” Getting involved with your regional concrete pavement association is a smart business decision that will contribute to your company’s profitability, credibility, and long term strength.

We look forward to you joining us in this mission to strengthen our industry and improve the viability of your company.

Click here for the 2023 Membership Application