Tuesday morning, August 22nd at 9:00 am Pacific (U.S. and Canada)

You will discover the root causes behind concrete pavement construction defects like cracks and low-strength concrete. Defects originating from poor subbase, changing weather conditions, inconsistent materials, flawed designs, and sub-par workmanship can slow projects down and increase costs. In this workshop, we will explore effective, best-practice solutions to these issues.

Presented by a trio of construction and engineering experts, workshop attendees will gain valuable insights into common construction-related issues affecting concrete pavements – and practical methods to address them.

If you’re a construction professional, engineer, or involved in infrastructure projects, join us to enhance your knowledge and learn how to build more resilient and durable concrete pavements, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance costs.

Our subject matter experts presenting at the workshop are:

Tim Martin, P.E., Senior VP of Engineering Services, ACPA
Alex Martinez, P.E., Las Vegas Area Manager, RMA Group, Inc.
Greg Halsted, Senior Director, Local Paving, NRMCA

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Brought to you at no cost, courtesy of the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association, and our Member Sponsors – Cooper Engineering, Granite Construction, and Sully-Miller Contracting Co.