In October, Caltrans officially announced the completion of the $41.8-million State Route 4 / Crosstown Freeway Project in Stockton. The new concrete pavement work improves more than six lane miles of eastbound and westbound highway.

The newly paved Crosstown Freeway in Stockton prior to opening to traffic.

Work began on the project in August 2021, with paving substantially complete by October 2022, but due to the extensive rainy season of 2022-2023, work on auxiliary features such as guardrails, striping, and street lighting had to be postponed. Once the rain tapered off, that work was eventually completed in June of this year. However, supplemental project work of irrigation systems and gore paving was added to the scope, extending the schedule a few more months. Finally in September, Caltrans accepted the project as complete.

Security Paving Company was the contractor on the project, with Nick Filice serving as the Project Manager. Security’s new roadway work featured both continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) and jointed plain concrete pavement (JPCP).

The old pavement was removed from the highway and processed into Class 2 Aggregate Base.

Security Paving removed the existing pavement in the stretch of SR 4 from Fresno Avenue to El Dorado Street, which was damaged due to third-stage cracking in the freeway-to-freeway connectors. The condition of the old pavement was causing poor ride quality for motorists and contributed to ongoing escalating maintenance costs.

The Security Paving crew graded the roadway and performed some additional minor earthwork.

More than 54,500 cubic yards of existing pavement were removed from the highway lanes and processed into Class 2 Aggregate Base. Of that amount, 13,100 cubic yards were incorporated into the project as base material. The balance of the Class 2 Aggregate Base was sold to local contractors working on other projects.

With the recycled aggregate and reinforcing steel in place, the paving operation was in full swing.

Security erected a batch plant onsite, and produced the majority of the concrete needed in the project. The new pavement work used 36,000 cubic yards of ready mix concrete, with 17,100 cubic yards going into CRCP, 2,140 cubic yards into JPCP, and 1,441 cubic yards used in approach slabs, constructed behind K-rail.

With half the roadway paved, reinforcing steel rebar begins to be placed on the remaining side.

Over two weekend closures, one 55-hour and one 79-hour, Security Paving was able to complete 8,910 cubic yards of CRCP RSC , 3,930 cubic yards of JPCP RSC , and 1,114 cubic yards of RSC in the approach slabs. The majority of the pavement was finished with a slip form paving machine. Small pours, including the approach slabs, were finished with powered roller screeds.

Finishing work includes the installation of concrete dikes, along with Shoulder Backing.

Made possible in part by $8 million in Senate Bill (SB) 1 funds, the new concrete pavement project is now providing a smoother, more comfortable ride for everyone traveling on SR 4. The scope of work also included repaved connector ramps to I-5 in the heart of Stockton, delivering safer ramp transitions onto the interstate.

“Projects supported by SB 1 funding continue improving experiences for those traveling in the region,” said Caltrans Director Tony Tavares. “This latest effort in Stockton improves the road for commuters, truckers, and all who rely on this key route through the San Joaquin Valley.”

New concrete shoulders and new guardrails are excellent finishing touches in the renovation of the Crosstown Freeway Project.

“This important project helps facilitate the timely movement of goods and services through the Valley,” said Caltrans District 10 Director Dennis T. Agar. ”The Crosstown Freeway and Interstate 5 are vital freight routes transporting agricultural products to and from the Port of Stockton, area farms, and local businesses. Improvements to this corridor will help keep these products moving swiftly through the transportation system. We would like to thank motorists for their patience during construction and remind everyone to please drive safely.”