The Guy F. Atkinson California division successfully completed Stage 1 of the SR-14 project, pouring more than 28,000 cubic yards of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP).

With the work beginning in spring 2023, a total of 90,767 labor hours fueled the Atkinson Team’s achievement with a flawless safety record of zero injuries! Collaboration with Caltrans involved smart strategies like full freeway closures and increased California Highway Patrol presence, ensuring safer traffic conditions.

With Stage 1 completed, the groundwork is laid for Stage 2 as the Atkinson Team prepares to shift traffic onto the new concrete pavement. The SR-14 project runs from Avenue A in Rosamond in the north, down to Technology Drive in Palmdale in the south. Targeted completion is winter 2025/2026, and the contract value is $164 million.