In an effort worthy of French Voyageurs of old, the UNR Concrete Canoe Team portaged their 355-pound craft up to the ballroom of the Atlantis Casino Resort to showcase it at the 20th Annual Nevada Infrastructure Concrete Conference.

NDOT Director Kristina Swallow, far left, and Deputy Director Darin Tedford, far right, with Tanner Mcilree, Michaela Bruns, Karlie Del Santo, Zach Flowers, and Lucas Pritchett of the UNR Azure Concrete Canoe Team and their craft, on display at NICC 2022.

The Azure was designed by the students on the squad, and their skill paid off. The team took first place at this year’s Intermountain Southwest Student Symposium in April, and went on to finish seventh at the ASCE Nationals in June.

To recognize and applaud their work and accomplishments, the UNR Azure Concrete Canoe Team was invited to display the canoe at NICC 2022. The canoe showcase, sponsored by the California Nevada Cement Association, created an excellent opportunity to introduce UNR’s Engineering students to NDOT along with companies from throughout the concrete infrastructure industry.

In 2023, UNR will be hosting the Regionals at the Sparks Marina on April 15th. If you are interested in sponsoring the team this year and supporting this creative concrete competition, go to