As an added bonus to this year’s Nevada Infrastructure Concrete Conference, the trio of Q&D Construction, the George L. Throop Co., and CTS Cement joined forces to perform a Volumetric Mixing Demonstration at the Q&D Mustang Yard in Sparks, Nevada on the morning of Thursday, November 3rd.

The Throop Company crew drove their custom-built volumetric mixing truck from their location in Pasadena, California to Sparks, and also brought select aggregate to enable a more efficient demonstration. The Throop team worked with the placing and finishing crew from Q&D to dial in the size of the pour, determine the placing and finishing equipment, decide on the correct curing compound, and confirm all the remaining elements of the demonstration.

Jeff Throop details the steps of the mixing process that take place in the custom-built truck that he designed and constructed.

Addressing the large gathering at the Q&D yard, Jeff Throop explained how his custom-built volumetric mixing truck is designed to segregate then blend the cement, aggregate, sand, and water in precise measure as the concrete is mixed on its way down the articulated chute.

The Q&D crew finishes the concrete that was just placed by the Throop volumetric mixing truck.

A big thanks and a tip of the hard hat goes out to: Jeff Throop, Adam Throop, and Carlos Palos of the George L. Throop Co.; Tyler Yohey and the placing and finishing crew of Q&D Construction; Art Bigelow of CTS Cement; and NDOT’s Peter Schmalzer and Kirk Sego.