Charles Stuart, Executive Director of the Southwest Concrete Pavement Association, and Matt Fonte of Fonte & Co. traveled out to the I-10 project jobsite near Blythe California on June 22nd to conduct a Caltrans inspector training workshop.

The boots-on-the-still-wet-pavement instruction focused on the project paving operations and included four hours on site plus seven hours in the project office. The training focused on the high-priority paving issues that inspectors need to be knowledgeable of during the concrete paving process.

Concrete Training

The workshop group convened at 5 am to talk through jobsite details. Matt Fonte, right, and Ryan Espoy, Project R.E. (with coffee), were joined on site by the Caltrans construction team. Photo courtesy of Charles Stuart.

“The Coffman Specialties team presented a good example for the onsite instruction as they run a very impressive operation,” said Matt Fonte.

inspector training

After observing the paving operations, Stuart and Fonte took the workshop indoors where they continued the quality control discussions, highlighting topics that increase the likelihood of successful paving in the desert region of Southern California.

SWCPA is committed to supporting Caltrans and the paving industry with their objectives to build long-life, low-maintenance concrete pavements throughout the state.