The American Concrete Pavement Association is now accepting submittals for the Annual Awards for Excellence in Concrete Pavement.

About the Paving Awards Program

The ACPA Annual Awards are designed to honor quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada each year. The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship in every concrete pavement project and serves as a forum for sharing information about highly successful projects.

The awards program recognizes contractors, engineers, and project owners who completed outstanding projects. Winning an Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement provides the contractors, engineers, and owners with a level of prestige that can assist them in the development of future projects.

Based on the judging results, two projects will be selected from each category to receive an award, one gold and one silver. To be eligible, projects need to have been completed in 2022, and submittals must be received by the deadline date of Friday, July 7, 2023.

For more information and to start a submission, go to:

SWCPA Members are free to contact Executive Director Charles Stuart or Communications Director Mark Gudenas for assistance in submitting their projects to the ACPA Annual Awards for Excellence in Concrete Pavement.