As you begin to hear about Proposition 69 and protecting SB 1, it’s important to recognize the huge impact this legislation will have on the concrete paving industry. For decades, inadequate transportation funding has led to an unhealthy dependency on short-term fixes. Simply filling potholes and resurfacing roads has not and will not reverse the deteriorating condition of our transportation network. Long-term, long-lasting solutions must be employed to reverse the damage to our roads, highways, and bridges. SB 1 provides the best available opportunity to re-engineer and rebuild our transportation network with a renewed focus on sustainable, long-life concrete pavements.

In recent high-level meetings with Caltrans and the California Transportation Commission, it has become clear that the new funding has, in fact, created a stronger emphasis on constructing concrete pavements. Concrete pavements provide a significant role in the 10 years of projects Caltrans recently programmed as a result of the $5.4 billion added annually by SB 1. Thin overlay maintenance projects are turning into reconstruction projects utilizing concrete pavement.

Due to Prop 69 and SB 1, we are on the verge of unprecedented growth in our industry. Please help increase the support for Both of these measures.

  • Prop 69 is on the June 2018 ballot. We need your YES vote to protect the current transportation funding and make sure it will be spent on transportation projects.
  • SB 1 was signed into law on April 28, 2017 but there is a strong effort to repeal the law. We need a NO vote to oppose any effort to repeal this law which includes the recently increased gas tax.

The Fix Our Roads coalition and the Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements are running aggressive campaigns to protect vital transportation investments. The Southwest Concrete Pavement Association strongly supports the positions of these coalitions. Join the effort here:

The bottom line is that SB 1 is a game-changer for our industry. Let’s take time to give it our full support.